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Namvaran P&T has executed several pre investment studies for various clients focusing on the issue of process conceptual and basic design as the main pre requisite from availability, accessibility point of view as well as most important issue, promoting the local knowledge ensuring local support and all time availability to respond to the clients.

The following processes are among the ones we have made a comprehensive study in the context of the above.

Our knowledge to comprehend the in-depth understanding and the pros and cons of the processes has been supplemented with the assistance and collaboration of the esteemed research organization of:

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Research & Technology of Petrochemical company

In addition, we have the support of our foreign associates to provide us with supplement design and engineering services.

The processes for which we can assist our client to access and utilize for their business development are :

PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) in association with SEPEHR AFZA ARAS

FCC in association with HOTO Eng.

GTL in association with RIPI, RAS, INFRA

PDH in association with YARSINTEZ & HOTO Eng.

MTP (Methanol to Propylene) in association with NPC-RT

METHANOL in association with NPC-RT, LINDE

NHT (Hydrotreater) in association with Sharif University of Tech.

DMD (Demerccaptanizer) in association with RIPI

Methanol to Propylene & Butylene (CMTX) in association with HOTO Eng.


HEXANE purification utilizing in house knowhow

NPT extractive distillation process modular Mini Refinery in association with HOTO Eng.

LPG, Naphtha & light fraction treatment in association with AHMADULLINS

OMEGA III production by CO2 supercritical Extraction in association with FEYECON

Air separation unit in association with LINDE

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